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Rush to Hear T-Rex Marathon’s Debut Full-Length, ‘Days Without Incident’ [Premiere]



After years of hard work and perseverance, the big day has finally arrived for the members of T-Rex Marathon. The time for the official release of their debut full-length album, Days Without Incident, has finally come, with the record due out on October 16th; but here in its entirety for you to enjoy right here, right now.

Featuring ten new tracks, the album is the culmination of a story that began when the band’s five members were still in high school, dreaming big of the day when they would be releasing a full-fledged, well-crafted, definitive collection of a sound that has been in the works now for many years. Paying their dues for several years now in Ottawa’s indie scene, T-Rex has developed a multi-faceted sound, combining alternative rock, punk, and post-hardcore.

Expressing their elation surrounding the album’s release, the band said, “We’re extremely excited to be premiering Days Without Incident on V13. This album has been a long time in the making and we are beyond proud of all the work that’s been put into it. This album is a culmination of everything we are as a band up until now and is an amazing listening experience from front to back.

They continue, “With this album, we tell you the story of a simple group of guys coming together to make something greater than the sum of its parts with the potential to resonate deeply with almost anyone. There are high energy moments coupled with quiet and pensive sections that for the 45 minutes or so of its runtime runs through a range of emotions and feelings. This album isn’t the end but rather the beginning of T-Rex Marathon’s journey.”

So far the reception has been nothing short of incredible. The amount of positivity, love, and admiration we have felt up until now is nothing short of breathtaking and frankly this is a surreal time for every one of us in this band. This is a huge step forward and is guaranteed to entertain and colour life in a fun, exciting, and interesting way while listening. Enjoy Days Without Incident and once again, thank you to V13 for premiering!”

You could think of T-Rex Marathon as more of a family rather than just a rock n’ roll collective. A very close-knit bunch, the band conducts itself within a democratic format where each member has equal input and veto power over a song or an idea they may not be partial to. Inevitably, this can result in disagreements, but it helps preserve an organic songwriting process where each member comes away happy with the end result. Previous to Days Without Incident, the band released two EPs, 2017’s Aurelia and 2016’s Eponymous which have earned them a dedicated following of fans who are known as Marathoners. Within their music, the guys promote a fun, open-armed environment where everyone is welcome and having fun and feeling good is the name of the game. With the album now arriving, this is their time to shine and prove to the world that they’ll be a force on the indie scene for many years to come.

Artwork for ‘Days Without Incident’ by T-Rex Marathon