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Blue Rodeo’s Mike Boguski Shares “Message From Mars” feat. Michael Timmins and Bazil Donovan



Following his stunning 2019 solo piano album Blues For The Penitent, Mike Boguski continues to forge a new musical identity outside of his work with Canadian Music Hall of Fame members, Blue Rodeo. Boguski’s new single “Message From Mars,” available today via Bandcamp, is a companion piece to his previous one-off release “December,” again featuring accompaniment by Cowboy Junkies guitarist Michael Timmins, Blue Rodeo bassist Bazil Donovan, and founding Blue Rodeo drummer Cleave Anderson.

A slow-burning psychedelic funk jam, “Message From Mars” recalls some of the great early jazz fusion experiments of Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, and Weather Report. On top of that, Boguski is simultaneously releasing a remixed version of “Message From Mars” by renowned Canadian songwriter/producer Adam Alexander (Keshia Chante, Jacksoul).

As Boguski said at the time of releasing Blues For The Penitent, “I have a tremendous sense of pride in being able to bring the music of Blue Rodeo to life, and that will always be a part of me. But now there is definitely a part of me that is very eager to write and perform my own music.”

Boguski will continue down that path later in May with a new jazz trio album entitled Detour, but more on that will be revealed soon. For now, “Message From Mars” is another fine example of Boguski’s wide-ranging musical vision.

(Oh, and in case you were wondering, that face adorning the artwork for “Message From Mars” is Blue Rodeo co-founder Greg Keelor).

Artwork for “Message From Mars” by Mike Boguski