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Before You “Chase The Moon” Watch Jon Stancer’s New Music Video



Toronto-based singer/songwriter, Jon Stancer has unveiled his latest song and music video, “Chase The Moon.” The track perfectly depicts the artist’s penchant for alt-pop-rock, and he shares, “There’s a growing uneasiness and uncertainty that I haven’t really sensed to this extent in my lifetime — the ‘Anxiety Age’ as it’s been called. And now with this pandemic, I was imagining the end; the desperation, the hope, and the futility of making a run for it.”

The song follows Stancer’s 2019 release, “Can’t Get It By You,” a partly “confessional” single which, according to a recent press release, is “about indulgence and deception, gratitude and love.”

Covid or not, expect more news and music from Stancer in 2020.

Artwork for “Chase the Moon” by Jon Stancer