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Architect Within Push Positivity with Their New “Lost, Till You” Video [Premiere]



With all the pervasive negativity that’s surrounding each and every one of us lately, let’s end the week off with some positivity, shall we? Yeah, let’s take a break from the cynical side of life (and music) and turn it towards the optimistic with help from Architect Within and their brand new music video for “Lost, Till You.” The song is of the “powerful” variety, with good vibes surrounding not only its lyrics but also its emotionally uplifting sound. It’s all by design since the members of Architect Within are very dedicated towards Christianity and all of its tone and spirit. They import what they feel and what they believe into their music in the hopes that fans and listeners will feel motivated by their positive message.

“Lost, Till You” is a perfect example of what Architect Within are all about. It’s a high-energy track, with passionate lyrics meant to make you feel something. Commenting on the meaning of the song, lead singer Tim Jones explained, “‘Lost, Till You’ could seem relatively ambiguous as if it were just another relationship song… However, for me, the lyrics reflect redemption and a feeling of despair until Christ came into my life, and all the different things that I tried to do to feel the void until he was present in me. I hope that people find this song encouraging.”

A recent creation, Architect Within came together last year when Jones and Aaron Davenport decided the time was right to form a band that would move people. If you feel like you’ve heard the name Tim Jones before, it’s because he is the former singer and guitarist of the successful rock trio Feel Never Real that formed in 2004. While they are both very different groups, what Jones has brought forward with him from his experiences with Feel Never Real is that soul and incredible passion for music. The early inspiration for Architect Within stems from Jones’ embrace of Christianity which he dedicated himself to in late 2014. Joining him in this new venture is Aaron Davenport, a well-regarded guitar shredder with tons of previous experience recording and touring with various bands.

What you see is what you get with Architect Within; two faithful and talented musicians happy to be making music together. Not ashamed or afraid to hide who they are, they plan to carry with an abundance of talent and focus.

Artwork for ‘Lost, Till You’ by Architect Within