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Zimogroz Share Some ‘Old Mystic Lore’ with Their “Undying Whispers” Lyric Video [Premiere]



A band name such as Zimogroz is just way too metal-sounding to not be metal. Well, that’s exactly the case with this troupe of black metallers, here to rock your world with their new song and accompanying lyric video, “Undying Whispers,” a punishing six-minute smack in the face taken from their debut record, Old Mystic Lore, due out on May 8th via Geenger Records.

Thematically, the album will focus on medieval culture and musically, we’re talking classic black metal delivered over twelve blistering tracks. It’s primarily structured around energetic compositions with tenacious vocals, all put together through the comprehensive musicianship that each of the five members has been perfecting since their youth.

Hinting at the overall concept behind Old Mystic Lore, the band commented on just what “Undying Whispers” is all about. “This track goes deep down to the physical abyss of the album protagonist who’s back from the dead, but his mindset is definitely changed for the worse. The sinister chants of darkness prevail towards insanity, and he begins with the killing spree. The crystal silence comes like a calm after the storm, but the irreversible actions still remain as a result of his madness.”

It’s an exciting time for Zimogroz, being a relatively recent creation. It was only the beginning of 2018 that the band formed initially with the sole objective of punching out some relentless and sincere black metal. Their home city is Dubrovnik, a medieval, small Croatian city that fronts the Adriatic Sea. Dubrovnik is full of rich cultural heritage and a place that the band members hold dear to their hearts. They look to the history and heritage of their hometown as the inspiration for their own sound and music.

With a lot to look forward to, Zimogroz is ready to plow ahead and obliterate the rest of Europe and beyond with their intense black metal shredding.

Artwork for ‘Old Mystic Lore’ by Zimogroz