Indie-house phenom jackLNDN is a talented artist whose sultry, viscous tunes envelop listeners in powerful, four-on-the-floor bliss. The suitably London-based singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, – hailed as “the new face of house music” by Insomniac – just ran headlong into the release of his newest EP (Deeper, out April 24th) and already seems to be making an indelible mark on EDM scenes worldwide. Continuing to build upon 2019’s ThoughtsDeeper takes LNDN’s sound exactly where its name promises, with bigger sounds, heavier drops, and oil-slick bass lines.

Whether you’re a house veteran or a complete EDM neophyte, these tunes deserve a listen, and jackLNDN is making that easy by offering a free download of “Distance,” the second song from Deeper. On the five-track EP, jackLNDN gives us some insight:

“I’m constantly trying to push my own sound and explore new places and feelings. This EP is titled Deeper for a reason, both thematically and sonically it represents a dive into the deeper realms of house music and beyond. I’m singing on every track and I’ve put a lot of work into playing as much keyboard and guitar as possible on the record. I focused on getting good takes and leaving them un-edited to give the record a much more natural, human feeling than ever before. I certainly think people will be able to notice it when they find that spare eighteen minutes to listen the whole way through.”

Following the opening title-track, “Distance” brings Deeper to another level when it kicks your skull in at the 0:47 mark. The bassline eviscerates you at an atomic level before LNDN’s vocals pull you back together in a tender embrace. But don’t worry, there’s more evisceration to come. The EP is a truly solid experience, but that initial skull-splintering implosion of bass when “Distance” drops is probably the EP’s most shining moment. Please wear a helmet while listening; it’s kinder to whoever finds you afterwards.

Artwork for ‘Deeper’ by jackLNDN