Stuck in quarantine and wondering what to watch? These indie artists have contributed their exquisite vocals, crafty lyrics, and beautiful visuals to create unique pieces of art that cover the range of emotions. We’ve compiled a list of 15 that should definitely be on your radar during this time of isolation.

1. Julius Wilder – “Lovebird”

Vintage aesthetics mixed with a fiercely modern pop/neo-soul musical vibe set the soundscape for a cinematic video about a *secret* love triangle. Everything about this piece is simply enticing from the upbeat (and very catchy chorus), the storyline, and the visuals – it’s all spot on. Julius Wilder is one that you will definitely want to keep an eye on.

2. Roman Rouge – “Darkness”

R&B/Pop artist Roman Rouge first caught our attention with his sultry vocals and the silky melody that accompanies this track. “Darkness” narrates always being there for someone, even when they try to push you away and loving them unconditionally in their most vulnerable times. The video itself is captivating and lends an exceptional visual landscape for the dreamy track.

3. Mighty Brother – “Naked Winter”

“Naked Winter” is an angsty track from the New Orleans band Mighty Brother. Bending genres, Mighty Brother seems to traverse sonic landscapes of folk, rock, funk, and jazz. The video captures familiar feelings of isolation, uncertainty about the future, and the feeling of being held hostage by uncontrollable forces…. a timely watch during these isolating times. As the first release from their upcoming double album (no, that’s not a typo) we can’t wait to see what comes next from this group.

4. Natalie Shay – “Not The Girl”

Hailing from London, Natalie Shay showcases her effortless vocals on her track “Not The Girl” – the lead single from her upcoming EP NAKED. “Not The Girl” depicts the feeling of sometimes not feeling good enough and frustrations towards working relationships. Sonically, “Not The Girl” features upbeat buoyant melodies, effortless vocals, and vivid storytelling lyrics.

5. Jett Kwong – “Tokyo Bath”

Slow it down with the wistful experimental pop of Jett Kwong. “Tokyo Bath” is a fantasy both sonically and visually, transporting the listener to an intimate secluded place within. The visual direction of this video is superb and will definitely keep you captivated for the full 4 minutes and 34 seconds.

6. Samuel Jack – “Gonna Be Alright”

Samuel Jack has been on our radar for a while now…. captivating us each time his dynamic vocals and crafty lyrics. “Gonna Be Alright” is no different. It’s a celebration of recovery – a song that stands as a reminder that we have to keep telling ourselves we can overcome anything and that all is going to be alright. A timely reminder for what the world is facing during these uncertain times.

7. Mother Mariposa – “Changing Shape”

A mind-bending, psychedelic track from the eclectic group Mother Mariposa, “Changing Shape” is an upbeat menagerie of the band’s home tour videos and trippy visuals. Mother Mariposa is an emerging band out of Portland and has toured alongside The Dandy Warhols. This video encapsulates their dynamic energy and unique compositions.

8. RIELL – “Stubborn”

“Stubborn” is a bright, poppy dance track juxtaposed with dark lyrics and dark visuals. The video goes into the mind of RIELL’s character as she watches her internal-self struggle with visions of her young-self. Sonically captivating and mind-bending all in one.

9. Bea – “Sway”

Nostalgically soothing with a simple acoustic melody, “Sway” is the perfect sentimental track. Depicting a roller-coaster relationship, the video tells a relatable story of watching a relationship disintegrate. Bea’s vocals are sweet and soothing, reminiscent of a mashup between Fiona Apple and Carole King.

10. Grizzly Coast – “Forever”

Dreamy guitar rock sensibilities combined with thoughtful lyricism evokes the feelings of longing and loneliness that you experience when you know you’re on the cusp of the end of a relationship. “Forever” is dynamic in its soundscape with an eclectic melody and powerful vocals.

11. Luke Cloutier – “Better Man”

Luke Cloutier slows things down with a beautiful folk song titled “Better Man”. Somberly sweet and nostalgic, “Better Man” shows Cloutier reflecting on his life in a deeply mature, yet relatable, way. Cloutier’s slight vocal rasp lends an intimate quality to the lyrics, as if he’s whispering into your ear. A beautiful video and enchanting track, “Better Man” is the perfect song for reflection.

12. Tafari Anthony – “Centerfold”

A BOP. “Centerfold” features atmospheric synths and cascading pop melodies, showcasing the singer’s impressive velvet vocals, with a hint of sass. A unique sonic blend of R&B, pop, and soul, “Centerfold” is an impressive track that we literally can’t stop watching. “Boy you think you’re Beyoncé, You’re never gonna run me” might be our favorite line of the song.

13. Mara Connor – “Wildfire”

A dreamy singer-songwriter, pop style of track from Mara Connor, “Wildfire” is a sweet love song for the ages. Connor possesses the essence of 60’s – 70’s songwriters and captures hearts with her honey-like vocals. The music video is full of playful vintage visuals that perfectly represent the crafty lyrics.

14. Carmanah – “As I See You”

Opening up with a dreamy beach sequence, Carmanah’s vocals come in strong and bluesy – an unexpected twist from the soothing scene that greets the eyes. However,  it’s quickly evident that it’s the perfect visual for what we describe as an “aloha-esque” tune. “As I See You” transports you to a tropical state of mind as the lyrics embrace a sense of home and belonging in our own skin.

15. Jessie Reyez – “Figures” (Live Performance)

Last but not least, everyone needs a live performance to watch during the quarantine. This one will knock your socks off. Jessie Reyez performs solo with nothing but her (killer) voice and acoustic guitar. A beautiful string section joins in about halfway through tugging at the heartstrings even more. Everything about the video and track are exquisite and we promise you’ll watch this one more than once.

Dawn Jones is the curator of the V13 imPRESSED Column. Previously known as imPRESSED Indie Music Blog, Jones and her team joined forces with V13 in 2020 to collaborate on an exclusive column on V13's site (imPRESSED) to bring a niche focus to the rapidly evolving indie music genre. Dawn is also the founder of Pressed PR - a boutique PR agency that focuses on PR for independent creatives. Pressed PR’s team works on a variety of campaigns partnering with independent filmmakers, independent artists, and independent labels. Pressed PR’s music clientele has landed in the pages of Billboard, Atwood Magazine, EARMILK, HYPE Magazine, and many others.