The country of Russia is most associated with classical or operatic forms of music, but little might you know that it’s also a burgeoning breeding ground for indie rock. You want some evidence? Well, just look to the new indie group 12 Limbs who have just released their latest single titled “In My Room.” 12 Limbs are currently in their infancy, with “In My Room” only being their second officially released song, but they are already offering hints of the talent and musical versatility of a group which has had time to evolve and mature. While their first, fall 2019 single, “Follow The Music,” was more laid back, “In My Room” is bold, gritty and a ball full of energy thrown right in your face, and into your ears.

It’s only been a few months since 12 Limbs began to gain notice and credibility in their native Moscow when they drew the attention of the UK press. The trio is not only talented as both songwriters and musicians, but they are also multi-instrumentalists, each capable of playing one another’s instruments. They are even capable of switching instruments during a performance, something you almost never see, even from the biggest names in rock n’ roll.

It’s a chemistry a long time in the making, with the friendship between all three members dating back to their teen years in the 1990s. In fact, the music video for “In My Room” features footage from their early years together when they were simply playing together in an empty room with no audience or onlookers to be found. The video offers a personal gander at their lives, from the early days to the present which truly stands as an open invitation into ‘their room.’

With “In My Room” now here for the world to experience, 12 Limbs have a lot in store for the rest of this year. They have already slapped a title on their debut record which will be called Magic Shining of Hope with the group still finishing that up and finalizing it for a release later this year. While you await that, you can start to get excited with this brand new video now here for your experience.

Artwork for ‘In My Room’ by 12 Limbs

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