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FEVER333 Hold Powerful Demonstration at Sold-Out Leeds Stylus [Show Review]

Catching the devastating Fever333 in a venue the size of Stylus in Leeds was one too good to pass up. As we found out, the hottest live band on the planet right now didn’t disappoint.



Fever333 are one of the most exciting live bands on the planet right now. Anyone who has seen them decimate packed tents at Download Festival or how they destroyed arenas on their UK run supporting Bring Me The Horizon earlier in the year will vouch for this. So, when they announced they were returning for a run of “demonstrations” in some of the smaller venues around the UK, you had to be pretty stupid if you hung around before trying to grab a ticket because you missed out on something truly special when the band took over Stylus in Leeds for this sold-out to fuck show.

Opening with “Made In America”, what the few hundred people jammed into the small room at Stylus witness as they’re collectively losing their minds is something that is more than just a rock gig. Whether it is the chaos the three-piece incite on stage as they perform, Jason Aalon Butler’s passionate words or the ferocity of “Only One” and “Animal”, as soon as Fever 333 kick off their show the release, as if somebody has opened a valve in the room, is dangerously exhilarating. A mash-up of Green Day’s “Brain Stew” and watching Butler solo perform “Am I Here?” are both nice surprises with the latter proving to be a truly spine-tingling moment.

Moving away from the chaos of their live show for a moment, this is a band who have some serious songs in their armoury courtesy of their genre-crushing mix of punk, hardcore, metal and melody. Hammering home their message hard, Leeds screams back these songs like their lives depend on it as the trio bring their set to a close with the anthemic “Burn It” before an encore of “We’re Coming In”, “The Innocent” and “Hunting Season” bring this stop on their UK tour to an unforgettable conclusion.

If you missed these shows check out this explosive footage of the band with their new video “Animal”: