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Insomnium – “Valediction” [Song Review]

Melodeath kings Insomnium have unveiled a poignant music video for instant anthem “Valediction,” a new single and first preview of the band’s forthcoming album Heart Like A Grave, out October 4 via Century Media Records.



Three years after the enormously ambitious concept album Winter’s Gate, melodeath kings Insomnium are gearing up to release their eighth studio recording, Heart Like A Grave. The just-released single “Valediction” is the first preview of what’s to come, and it carries promises of fantastic Finnish melancholy. (The accompanying music video is poignant, and part one of a broader two-party story.)

Since their last outing, third guitarist Jani Liimatainen (ex-Sonata Arctica) has been officially added to the band’s lineup; a welcome inclusion and familiar face to Insomnium’s live roster for the past few years. Involved from the initial tastes of Heart Like a Grave, it’s Liimatainen’s clean vocals, along with those of Ville Friiman, that are pushed to the fore in this single’s verses, with Niilo Sevanen’s deep growls leading the chorus; a winning formula developed on previous albums. The riffs are hypnotic and immediately familiar, a hallmark of the highest quality songwriting, making “Valediction” some of the most instantly accessible music Insomnium has released.

Experience “Valediction” for yourself below:

It’s a sound which is both recognised and valued by dedicated fans of the band, with “Valediction” easily accepted as a core track in their live set; sitting somewhere near “Where The Last Wave Broke” (Across The Dark, 2009) and “Through The Shadows” (One For Sorrow, 2012). “Valediction” manages to build further on songwriting quality from both of those reference tracks, adding atmospheric elements developed in the writing of Winter’s Gate (performed by long-time keys collaborator Aleksi Munter [ex-Swallow the Sun]) and getting stuck in your head after just a few listens.

With “Valediction,” Insomnium has set the bar at the highest level and demonstrate promise that Heart Like A Grave (pre-order/save your copy here) could be their strongest recording to date. The accompanying video adds immensely to the track’s impact as well; both the story and acting give a wholly immersive experience of the ultimate bleakness which is to be found on the forthcoming release, soundtracked flawlessly by a group who feel poised to improve even further from previous peaks.


Run Time: 5:14
Release Date: August 23, 2019
Record Label: Century Media