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Crooked Spies are a Calgary-based, garage rockin’ four-piece who recently dropped their newest single “Pay It Mind” – which we premiered right here – back on April 11th. Now, in truly generous spirit, the band is teaming up with us once again to offer “Pay It Mind” as a free song download!

Fuelled by the artistic and sibling partnership of Dylan and Steven Evanik, Crooked Spies dropped their most recent full length, High Plains (check it on Bandcamp), back in 2017, and are working on another album due out in the near future. These guys rock it pretty hard and have some pedigree to their name, having opened for Danko Jones and Grandson as they proffer their explosive, sweat soaked performances.

Watch the video for “Pay It Mind,” but never let a creamsicle melt!

The tight, rollicking tune is given life by a solid beat with a great stutter step pattern that’s worth paying mind to(!) and a standard mix of clean and distorted guitars. But the true character comes from the vocal stylings which bring the song out of its garage rock trappings and inflect it with a slightly old-school hardcore/pop punk vibe somewhat reminiscent of Hot Water Music. Whether you agree with my assessments, or think I need to be psychiatrically committed – or at least get my hearing checked – give this tune a chance, and I’m sure you’ll be impressed.

As a final parting note, we’ll let Dylan’s comments on “Pay It Mind“ close us out: “(The song) is a play on the saying ‘pay it no mind.’ Instead of dismissing things or ‘putting shit behind you,’ it’s about actually recognizing that you or maybe someone you love has an issue or is living out the same mistakes on repeat. By paying attention you are actually present in your own life and you have a chance to change things.”

Remember to “Pay It Mind,” or this might happen to you.