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Little Slugger – “You’re On Your Own” [Free Song Download]

If you hear potent “power pop” ringing in your ears, not to worry, it’s just because you checked out our free download of the track “You’re On Your Own” from the heavy-hitting indie rockers, Little Slugger.



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If you hear “power pop” ringing through your ears in a moment, not to worry, it’s just because you checked out “You’re On Your Own,” our latest free song download courtesy of Little Slugger. This is the first song to come from the Burlington to New York City-based band’s new record I Want To Live Here Forever, which is now available for pre-order via Bandcamp. The album is chock full of massive hooks, vocal harmonies, crunchy guitars, and old-school pop energy with a simmering of melancholy underneath it all, so it’s essentially all you could want in a fun, catchy summer record. Thematically, I Want To Live Here Forever is defined by the transitions we all take in life; exiting out of relationships, moving from one city to another and the unwavering uncertainty of life. The album is fuelled by its motivations and you can tell that the band members truly put their hearts and souls into getting this to sound exactly the way they wanted it to.

Regarding our featured track for today, the band stated, “‘You’re On Your Own’ was one of those songs that really coalesced during the recording process. We had a lot of the vocal and guitar parts written but had never played them all together. It was very rewarding to see it unfold and create the sound we were hearing in our heads. To tie it all together, our friend Nick (Campolo) stopped by the studio and absolutely ripped the post-chorus tremolo guitar line; I still get excited every time I hear it.”

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The song centers on the boundless potential of being in a new city that in the beginning seems like it’s where you feel accepted and belong, but quickly things change towards a feeling of rejection. Surrounded among millions of people, you realize you’re still on you’re own. Only your own personal perseverance will carry you forward and navigate you through this unforgiving world.

To offer you a bit of background on Little Slugger as a unit itself, the group came out of a mutual love for DIY pop music and disregard for genres that was shared by childhood friends Sam Bevet and Ben Chugg. A band grew from there but things got really serious when just two weeks after finishing graduate school, Sam joined Ben in Brooklyn to finish the recording they had previously began. They collaborated with several friends from Vermont and New York through all-night songwriting sessions with the end result being I Want To Live Here Forever. A fun fact about these writing sessions is that they took place in the same space that Vampire Weekend had used years prior. Not ready to rest on their laurels yet, Little Slugger is hard at work on demos for a follow up album, an entire month before the July 19th release of I Want To Live Forever.

Little Slugger’s new album I Want To Live Forever, drops on July 19th, 2019. Check out the artwork:

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