Australia is just oozing with amazing bands as of late. Not to say they haven’t always had their fair share of incredible, internationally-acclaimed acts, but it just seems like things are brimming over these days. A fantastic example of said country’s continued creation of killer groups is All The Colours, a trio of musicians delivering fuzzy, gritty alternative rock that fits in perfectly with the ongoing Aussie grunge revival. Today, in celebration of the guys’ new single “Tear It Down,” we’re pleased to help premiere the tune to the world.

Already touting millions of streams across multiple digital platforms, and having previously supported the likes of Eagles Of Death Metal, the Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear-produced “Tear It Down” sees Melbourne’s All The Colours continue their upward spiral. The new song follows previous single “You Know, I Don’t” and “Let Me Drown” which are to be included on the (once again self-funded) forthcoming album, Vol. 3. (Pre-order the music and find past releases on iTunes here.)

Okay, friends, it’s time to “Tear It Down!”

Vol. 3, very much teeming with a wonderful modern take on ‘90s alternative rock, is instantly familiar yet not merely a rehashing of music from decades past. Speaking of the new track, vocalist Joshua Moriarty noted: “The song is about the impending doom of society, how if we don’t change things soon and break down some of our current systems we will descend into chaos. I’m a bit of a pessimist in my darker moments and this song was a way for me to express those feelings. I’m definitely as guilty as the next person of propagating a flawed system but I think writing songs in this vein is a way to make myself culpable and force myself to actually practice what I preach!”

Upcoming Tour Dates:

06/28 – Cactus Room – Thornbury, VIC, Australia
07/04 – Frankie’s Pizza by the Slice – Sydney, NSW, Australia
07/27 – The Espy – Melbourne, VIC, Australia
08/03 – Frankie’s Pizza by the Slice – Sydney, NSW, Australia
08/18 – Bendigo Hotel – Collingwood, VIC, Australia

The cover artwork for the “Tear It Down” single, which drops on June 7th, 2019:

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