We paid tribute to the sad passing of The Prodigy’s enigmatic frontman Keith Flint with our “Obituary” article (click here) and, now, we’re pleased to detail the music video for the recent cover of “Baby’s Got a Temper” by renowned Hungarian groove metal masters, Omega Diatribe.

The band, who continue to support Trinity, their third full-length released on April 1, 2018, the first album to feature new vocalist Milan Lucsanyi and once again produced and recorded by lead guitarist Gergő Hájer, much like the music community at large, was impacted by Flint’s death. It was this same sad news which spurred the band’s cover (and accompanying music video) for The Prodigy original, “Baby’s Got a Temper,” which dropped on July 1, 2002, on XL / Maverick and was recorded in Essex, England.

Joining us for a guest blog, the band’s bassist Ákos Szathmáry outlines how and why the cover came together, plus a portion of the creation of the milky music video. The band published this video on April 13th, 2019, and you can now find it on select streaming services.

Got milk? The video for the band’s rousing cover of Prodigy’s “Baby’s Got a Temper.”

Guest Blog: From bass player Ákos Szathmáry:
– Most of you may heard about the death of Keith Flint, the iconic vocalist of The Prodigy. Since we are big fans of the group – their music, mentality and live shows made a huge impact on us since the beginning – Gergő (lead guitarist) came out with the idea to pay tribute to Keith with a cover of their song “Baby’s Got a Temper,” so he quickly did a demo version to show us and it was so impressive that no question left… We gone ahead and made it. We realized there is an acapella version of the song on the “Baby’s Got aTemper” Vinyl single, so beside Milan’s (vocalist) screams we could also use Keith’s voice on the final track.

Then it was my idea to do a video with some milk and breasts in slow motion for the song, since the official music video’s story also based on the magic of milk. The recording session of the video was incredibly fun and joy with our beautiful friend. It remains an eternal memory. The sequences with the girl were shot in our videographer’s apartment where we did a bit mess with the 12 liters of milk we used. Funny thing is that I only had paid for one liter of milk since at the supermarket the cashier only billed one box as she were busy talking with another worker.

I had bought so much other things that I realized this mistake only later that day. So I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize for the lady and also thank the supermarket for their contribution to the video. LOL!

Ok, so as we finished recording and cutting the video it was so nasty, we could only have uploaded to some porno site, haha. So finally we did a rework on it and combined with the idea of showing the crazy operations of today’s dairy farms. Anyway, watch it for yourself. Cows, milk & nice boobs… what else do you need for a good day?! Haha.

The single’s awesome covert and a behind-the-scenes shot.

The awesome video for the original version of “Baby’s Got A Temper.”

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