Some times you go to a gig and it feels like you’re sat in a room listening to a collection of stories rather than just being played some songs of said artists new album. That is exactly the case tonight with singer/songwriter Lucy Rose who is in town for the latest date on her hugely popular UK tour.

Supporting Lucy on this tour is Oklahoma singer-songwriter Samantha Crain who couldn’t have been a more perfect apperitif for the headline performer. Her gentle acoustic music fills the air at City Varieties while her stories, which include being, ahem, exposed to the TV show “Naked Attraction” during her current visit to the UK, raise plenty of laughs around this rapidly filling venue although, like their teller, they’re as heartwarming as they are humorous.

Setting the mood for the rest of her set, Lucy quietly makes her way onto the stage and takes her seat behind a keyboard for the opening number “Solo (w)”. There is no fanfare, no big intro tape, just Lucy and her band taking their spots to the attention of every single person in the room. For the next hour or so, Lucy and her music mesmerise the audience as her peaceful, serene, calm tones wash over the filled rows of seats. Supporting her No Words Left album, this really is one of those nights where the music does the talking with the likes of “Treat Me Like A Woman” and “Save Me From Your Kindness” sounding as wonderful as they do on the album while “Moirai” and “Shiver” are among a number of older tracks peppering the set.

Between songs Lucy doesn’t do a lot of talking but, when she does, she has the attention of a very captive audience who, from the moment the Surrey songwriter takes her spot, are treated to a night of truly beautiful music.

Check out the gentle sounds of Lucy Rose and her video for “Treat Me Like A Woman”:


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