The first of two, Ohio-based bands we’re covering today, Silent Hearts is a quintet of musicians from Marblehead who use their music as a vehicle to deliver rock-filled hopefulness to the masses. A group who swear by the mantra “We are a voice for the voiceless,” Silent Hearts’ lyrical content touts subject matter ranging from mental health to drug addiction; some very personal, some aimed at helping those who don’t know where to turn.

Laid atop some great grooves, punchy breakdowns, and a nice rock/metal mixture aided by help from both Nick Sampson and Andrew Bayliss (Sylar, We Came as Romans, Born of Osiris), and it’s no surprise that “Stranger” (buy here) has fared just as well as the guys’ debut EP Love||War.

So, what’s this band really all about? Hear it from the proverbial horse’s mouth… check out our premiere of the “Stranger” video and dig into the deeper meaning via this Q&A with guitarist David Gast, who adds, “The song was written to elaborate on the experience of losing touch with someone you knew. Many people have had an experience with someone where it seems they’ve become an entirely different person, due to many possible reasons. Sometimes, it comes to the point where you have to make the tough decision to cut them out of your life.”

The “Stranger” single dropped on December 4, 2018.

Your music touches upon themes of, among other things, mental health. Why do think society is seeing such a sharp rise in mental health awareness?
David Gast: Mental health issues have always been present, but our society is now paying more attention to it because of a broader range of people now having the ability to spread the awareness on a much larger scale as new technology and studies surface. People tend to have more courage to share their issues from the comfort of their keyboards, when before they didn’t have that option and it was a taboo subject to talk about.

Per above, your music tackles these subjects by delivering positive and hopeful messages. May you elaborate on the positivism in your tunes?
Gast: We just want to write relatable music for people. We want to be an outlet for people to express their feelings and escape their struggles in a healthy and supportive way, even if it is just for a few minutes at a time listening to one of our songs. We all have stress, anxiety, depression, sadness or anger at some point in our lives. We want to be an outlet for people to dispel those feelings.

What do you consider to be the breaking point, where one cuts someone out of their lives versus continuing to offer help or support?
Gast: It is never easy to cut someone out of your life. Ideally, one should be a loving and supportive beacon for those who are lost. Unfortunately, some cases get to the point where all options have been thoroughly exhausted and they still do not accept any help, want to help themselves, or worse they dig themselves so deep, and end up paying the ultimate cost. Being supportive is hard sometimes, but you might be the only positive light in their lives. Holding on to hope is very important, even though the outcome may not be what you hoped for.

Peep the band’s video for their song “Love is War (Reimagined)”.

What’s harder, helping someone with mental health issues, or dealing with one’s own?
Gast: Everyone’s case is a bit different, and the only one that can 100% understand what is going on inside their head is them. Sometimes it is hard for them to describe their feelings about it in a way that they can get proper help. On the other hand, watching someone you love “fade and waste away” can be one of the hardest things someone can ever go through. Because, no matter how much they try to help them, their ultimate demise cannot be avoided. So, to answer that question, it is equally as difficult, just for different reasons.

If there’s just one thing you could tell listeners about the band or your music, what would it be?
Gast: No matter what internal or external life battles you are going through, there is always someone there to help you in a positive way. Don’t be afraid to seek help. Believe it or not, you are not alone. Our mantra is “We are a voice for the voiceless,” and we want to bring life to that phrase in our content. We strive to advocate for those who feel they have fallen helpless or silent. That is why “Silent Hearts” is more than just a name to us; It is a reminder of our mission.


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