A truly original masterpiece from M. Crane, “Live To See It” is the newest single from the group’s upcoming album. Capturing listeners from the first few notes of the mysteriously elusive rock elements carried by the drum and guitar, “Live To See It” is a prime example of the potential that M. Crane is capable of in their musical endeavors.

According to the band, the song was not easy to complete – taking over 3 months to create the finished version. The group decided to take it into the studio hoping that the pressure of time and money limitations would help them find some fast inspiration. Well into the studio day, the band decided to take a break and relieve some frustration….. except for the rhythm section (Andrew Lobo and Gaby Lisk) who kept jamming. They landed right on the “ever-elusive ending” says singer Nick Maskill. “At this point I was in the control room watching and the engineer had left the mics off so I could hear what they were doing..and I hear them finishing the damn song without knowing it. So, I shout into the mic for them to keep going and I point at Jim Waters and tell him to hit record” shares Maskill.

Once the melody and arrangement of the song was completed, Maskill says the lyrics came easy. “I wrote it right away. I had been listening to Alan Watts lectures and feeling like the song was about bigger things. The bridge lyrics capture the whole essence of the song. ‘I can see myself unfolding like a harmony within a harmony; a melody played simultaneously in every key. Unlikely creatures sing, the tune is inverting now it seems. We’re losing in the little things, little things. Say what what you mean, what you mean. Heaven’s ears are listening.’”

The music video took a deeply artistic direction, inspired by the 1948 film The Red Shoes. “The night before the song came together in the studio, I was so entranced by the beauty of ballet and the concept that art can claim a person, even to the point of death. It’s sacrificial, like any career, but sometimes the vessel doesn’t survive the demand on it to produce beauty and it dies” says Maskill. The beauty of the ballerinas dancing throughout the video gives an eloquent balance to dark red tones, a visual representation of the darkness present in the music. Maskill notes, “It makes you think of blood, the vitality you need to make art…art is living and takes a living thing to make and stand in awe of it.” The deep red can also be a representation of the “pain that beauty causes, they’re often found hand in hand.”

“Live To See It” is just a taste of the music that M. Crane has to offer with their upcoming album King She. Hoping for its release in 2019, fans are eagerly awaiting more new music from the up and coming group. If it’s anything like the mysterious beauty of “Live To See It,” then you can bet we’ll be keeping a close eye out for the new music too.


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