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Music? Weather? Politics! We Ask YOUTH KILLED IT “What’s So Great Britain?” [Exclusive Feature]

Here in the UK, there are plenty of things that make us proud to be British so we put a few to punk rockers YOUTH KILLED IT and asked them, what’s so great, Britain?



UK punk rockers Youth Killed It are about to put out their new album, What’s So Great, Britain?. Now, we think there are plenty of British things to be proud of, so we got the band to give us their thoughts on some of the great (and not so great) things about Britain. Read on.

1. British Weather
Everything is changing, including the weather. Climate change is slowly turning our summers blistering hot. People suffer more and more every year with the pollution in the cities and high levels of humidity. But still, we’ll try and make the best of our situation. Unfortunately complacency is not something we can afford right now. We need to get the politicians to stop getting in bed with the big polluters and instead make meaningful changes to the way we consume and produce goods. Also stricter laws on dumping and tipping waste, pedestrianisation of city and town centers and subsidies for electric vehicles and cycling are the future.

2. The British High Street
The British high street is dead. Infested with gambling and pound shops, the high street has been killed off by monopolies of online shops and the loss of funding for places outside of the M25. We love London but there’s a definite lack of support for the outer communities. Every time I visit my home town of Swaffham I notice that the high street has less and less shops whereas when I was growing up the Swaffham was a bustling market town, now it feels empty.

3. British Music
The best, love it. The punk and indie community is amazing and super supportive, by the way we’d love to shoutout some bands: Idles, Shame, Superglu, Calva Louise, Fick as Fieves, Fizzy Blood, Goan Dogs, This Feeling, Pirate Studios, Radio X, Modern Age Music, Modernsky Records, these peeps are all doing amazing and wondeful things within the British music scene right now and all deserve a round of applause in our opinion!

4. England Football Team
Proud of the effort they made during the World Cup this year, they brought a country together at a time where everything is unraveling and communities are falling out over partisan politics. We have to respect the fact that they tried their best and showed the community spirit that we are so desperate for in these times. No matter whether you love or hate football the England squad did an amazing job this year. Shoutout to Gazza!

Check out the awesome new video for “This Sounds Cliché”

5. British Food
British food is what i’d consider a mixture of all the other foods they have adopted over the last couple of centuries. Gotta love a good Sunday roast or toad in the hole though! I do love how British food has become a melting pot of other cuisines. As an avid lover of food i’m just happy there’s so much choice!

6. British TV Shows
Love ’em. Britain has in my opinion the best sense of humous when it comes to TV. Shows such as Black Books, Catastrophe, The I.T. Crowd, Monty Python, Mr Bean. All wonderful and have left a mark on the TV landscape for all of time.

7. British Politics
This section could probably be a few pages long but we’ll keep it succint. It’s hard to not be fatigued by politics but in our opinion British politics is fucked. What is currently happening is the funding of far right parties and spokespeople such as Nigel Farage, Katie Hopkins et al by nefarious parties in a bid to fracture and weaken the European Union, our politicians are turning a blind eye to all of this and lining their pockets before the inevitable happens which leads us on to…

8. Brexit
Brexit is awful and again, just a part of a larger plan to weaken and fracture the European Union. It’s no secret that Russia are funding the rise of the far right accross the globe, you can see it in the states and you can see it in Europe, Italy, France, Germany, Holland, Spain have all seen the rise of far right parties who are against a united EU and all of these parties just so happen to be funded by banks from one particular country. Anyways, Brexit will be disastrous not only for the british people but for all musicians and bands who regularly travel across the EU for work. Expect to pay out for carnets in every country. But not only touring abroad will be affected, a lot of funding for music and the arts comes from Europe and they will be gone from March 2019. It’s going to be Danny dire.

Tour Dates:

10/06 – Manchester – Aatma
10/07 – Norwich – Epic
10/09 – Birmingham – Subside
10/10 – Bristol – Hy-Brasil Music Club
10/11 – Sheffield – Cafe Totem
10/12 – London – Notting Hill Arts Club

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