Years & Years have shared their stunning new video for new single “All For You”, taken from their hugely acclaimed second album Palo Santo.

The official music video for “All For You” is the 3rd part of the Palo Santo visual story. Once again, viewers are transported back into the dark, mysterious and fantastical world of Palo Santo, created from the imagination of singer Olly Alexander and directed by the bands long-term collaborator and good friend Fred Rowson.

On making the video for “All For You”, Olly says – “We have devils and angels inside of us – the person we present to the world and the one we keep to ourselves; performing has always been a way for me to explore that. In Palo Santo, all your dreams come true and sometimes those dreams are full of monsters. ‘All For You’ is about reflecting on a past relationship and wondering if things were ever really as you thought they were, it’s about how our identities change when we love somebody. I wanted the video to depict personal transformation, from a swan to a Witch to an Android and back again. The idea that there is a fixed “authentic” you is false to me, we constantly shift and get reshaped by the people who experience us, whether we like it or not. I hope you like the video, we tried to make something that felt like a true pop video by way of planet Palo Santo, and we wanted to show you how androids are born.”

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