Midgardsblot - Day 3 (w/ Watain, Ensiferum, and More) @ Midgard Vikingsenter (Horten, Norway) on August 18, 2018

The last day of a festival is always the most emotional, especially when it ends with a pagan ceremony reenacting a sacrifice. Amazing bands played all afternoon and well into the night, with headliners Watain and Ensiferum, a CD release party in the Gildehall for Folket Bortafor Nordavinden, as well as great sets on both the Valhalla and Kaupnang Stages including Årabrot, Einar Selvic, Hamferð, Darkher, Saor, Nytt Land, Vanvidd and Resjemheia.

If you’re thinking about attending Midgardsblot next year, here are some helpful tips:

01. Accommodations
– Of course, there’s camping at the festival and, if you truly want to immerse yourself in the festival atmosphere, it’s the best option. However, if you’re looking for something with a bed, there are a few options. For cabin rentals near the festival, check out rorestrandcamping.no. There are a few hotels in Horten and the surrounding area and some of them are close to public transportation. There are also some AirBnB options in the area.

Have a look at this quick video highlighting some of sights and crowds that attended this year’s edition of the festival.

02. Travel
– Getting there is half the fun. Seriously. Once you get to Oslo you can take a train to Skoppum and then a bus or cab from the Skoppum train station. An even better way to get there is to take a train from Oslo to Moss and then a ferry from Moss to Horten. The ferry is free for passengers and you’re only charged if you bring a car. Once you get to Horten you can take a bus or a cab. For more information on the ferry, check out basto-fosen.no.

03. Weather
– Norway is not a warm place. Even in the summer temperatures don’t often rise above 25° C (77° F). When I was there, the high temps ranged from 17-20° C (63-68° F) and lows from 11-16° C (52-61° F). You’re going to need a hoodie at night, especially if it rains. Bring a poncho or raincoat just in case.

04. Pre-Party
– There is a pre-party the Wednesday before the festival at the Saxon King Pub in Horten. It’s a cool place to meet up with friends and make some new ones.

05. Reenactors
– If you’re interested in living like a Viking for a weekend, you can buy a reenactors pass and stay at the Folkvagnr Camp. You’ll need your own Viking tent and equipment. Drinking horn is optional, but why wouldn’t you have one? Email viking@midgardsblot.no for more information.