Do you ever find yourself wishing you were around during the time of one of your favourite artists? On October 4th, 1970 the world of music lost one of its greats in Janis Joplin, but one musician helps to remind us of who Joplin was with her single “Wandering Eye”.

The new song from Madeleine Mathews, better known as MAWD, is a bastion of moody melodies, stellar vocals, and gritty guitar riffs, and is so chock-full of indie vibes that anyone can enjoy it! It’s the kind of song that you can jam out to at a party or can simply listen to while you’re having a chill night in.

The artist is a well-known singer-songwriter, as well as a multi-instrumentalist with skills ranging from piano, guitar, bass, accordion, and banjo – I guess you could call her a one-woman band! Regardless, she’s a talent and one to add to your rock radar.

Run Time: 4:03
Release Date: August 30, 2018

Let your eyes and ears wander over here and give MAWD’s single a listen.