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IN THE WHALE Release Some ‘Dopamine’ with a Track-by-Track of Their Snarling New EP [Exclusive]

Recorded at the Foo Fighter’s Studio 606 with Steve Evetts, Denver, Colorado’s In The Whale dropped their snarling, slamming EP Dopamine on August 3rd. We’re super-stoked the guys dished on the tracks’ meanings.



Aptly described as “primeval rock-n-roll“, Denver, Colorado’s In The Whale dropped their snarling, slamming EP Dopamine on August 3rd, and holy shit is it ever tight! The two-piece recorded the EP in the Foo Fighter’s Studio 606 with Steve Evetts (The Dillinger Escape Plan, Every Time I Die, Glassjaw), and the process was a nod to old-school analog, mostly recorded live off the floor to two inch tape. We’re loving Dopamine and we’re super stoked to have the guys dish on the song meanings from the six-track release. (Be sure to also check out our recent album review here.)

01. “Deep End”
– This song was written about how I got picked on by a few older kids at the local pool. The song was written to encourage others to “keep your head up” both physically and metaphorically. I wanted to encourage others to keep pushing ahead.

02. “Teeth”
– This song is written from the point of view of someone that keeps making mistakes and continually apologizing, without meaning it. Over the past few years of touring, we have encountered many situations where we knew we were being lied to. We thought we needed to show others that they are not the only ones having to deal.

Dopamine was self-released on August 3, 2018.

03. “Slowdrive”
– When I was younger, the older kids would cruise my small town’s Main Street. They called it “slowdriving.” They would drive around and drink and get into trouble. The song was written about me wanting to fit in with the older kids and wanting to go for a slow-drive. It’s ironic because every time I go back home, those same kids are still there, but grown up, still going for slow-drives.

04. “Highways”
– This is a song written about how we miss our loved ones while on the road touring and how good it feels to return home to them. Performing live is essentially our cross to bear and coming home from tour and spending time with our friends, family, and significant others is satisfying. It’s about that juxtaposition.

05. “Fire”
– Fire, when kept at a distance is good for heat and light. When you get too close it can cause real damage. Much like how some relationships are. This song was written about how some people in your life can consume you and know exactly how to either keep you warm or burn you.

If you’re in the belly of the beast, you might as well have some ripping tracks to help you out.