At this point in the game, Alice In Chains can be looked at as a band in two chapters: the first with original vocalist Layne Staley, and the second with his replacement William DuVall.

The release of Rainier Fog on August 24th will mark DuVall’s third recording with AIC, the very same milestone Staley hit himself. There are fans who compare the two vocalists, as well as fans who prefer one singer over the other. And there are also those who are merely happy that the group has found their way back to making music under the Alice In Chains moniker. The latter is the camp I prefer to subscribe to.

Rainier Fog picks up nicely five years after the release of 2013’s The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here plowing right out of the gate with the crunching, repetitive notes to “The One You Know”. In five short minutes, Jerry Cantrell, Sean Kinney, Mike Inez and the above-mentioned William DuVall put it all on the line; chugging guitars, pounding bass riffs, killer drums and a signature DuVall/Cantrell high/low harmonic chorus that can be called nothing but classic Alice in Chains.

This is the video for that song… you know, “The One You Know”.

“The One You Know” was the first new track the band released to the world a few months back, the song being played live during their recent summer tour dates. It’s a total banger, and it merely sets the stage for the rest of Rainier Fog, an album that falls right in line with the group’s top material. This past week, Alice In Chains released the audio for “So Far Under,” another new song again boasting strong elements of signature Alice In Chains – more chugging guitars intermixed with some amazing droning vocals that feel like William DuVall is aurally dancing in between the musical tones that comprise the track. “So Far Under” is raw and dark and entirely what Alice In Chains fans want to hear from the guys.

Other highlights include the title track “Rainier Fog,” “Drone,” and “Never Fade,” the latter being another example of Alice In Chains reaching back to their roots with a grinding, raw sound contrasted with one of the smoothest and catchiest choruses on the entirety of Rainier Fog. This album totally rocks, which is no surprise – it’s Alice In Chains, after all. Rainier Fog is now available in all formats and on all music sites for purchase and streaming. Physical product can be ordered RIGHT HERE.

“So Far Under” is the latest single and a damn dope tune.

Rainier Fog Track Listing:

01. The One You Know
02. Rainier Fog

03. Red Giant

04. Fly 5:18
05 Drone

06. Deaf Ears Blind Eyes

07. Maybe

08. So Far Under

09. Never Fade

10. All I Am

Run Time: 53:56
Release Date: August 24, 2018
Record Label: BMG


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