Written by the bestselling author Francesca Lia Block, The Thorn Necklace invites the reader to, as she puts it, “write to heal”. Through the use of healing exercises and Block’s previous experiences, the reader is given the tools for using writing as a way to heal the pain of your past by channelling your experiences and emotions into a storyline. In the end, the goal is to not only heal yourself but to, in turn, have a piece of writing that is honest, emotional and able to resonate with readers.

The quote that struck me most, and the one that I think sums up the theme of the book, is this: “So much of creativity lives in the dark places inside of us. It is our artistic responsibility to mine them for treasure”. That got me thinking of how I find myself most connected to writing, or really any from of art, that is honest and raw, with characters that are flawed and troubled. I think it’s here that the reader finds healing and/or identifies with the writing, and, in the end, realises they are not alone in their current struggles; there are others out there that are facing, or have faced, similar problems.

The Thorn Necklace is a good read with useful information for using your past experiences and the power of the pen to exorcise your demons and, hopefully, affect the lives of your readers as well.

Written By: Francesca Lia Block
Publisher: Seal Press (May 1, 2018)
Format/Length: Hardcover, 304 pages

Here’s a clip of Francesca Lia Block speaking at BinderCon LA in 2015.