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Steve Aoki (w/ Timmy Trumpet) Tears Up Terminal 5 for Two Thunderous Nights [Photos]

Steve Aoki’s “HiroQuest: Genesis Tour” invaded New York for two sold-out performances at Terminal 5, with Timmy Trumpet opening up the show!



Steve Aoki’s “HiroQuest: Genesis Tour” invaded New York for two sold-out shows at Terminal 5! His latest album, HiROQUEST: Genesis, was released last September and loaded with 25 electrifying tracks with features from Kane Brown, MOD SUN, Taking Back Sunday, and more.

Before Aoki took the stage for the 11th stop of the tour, Timmy Trumpet charged the crowd up with an hour-long special guest performance full of theatrics and aerobics. Kicking off his set with a remix of the Fox NFL jingle and Danzel’s “Pump It Up,” he later performs a brass rendition of “Without Me” by Eminem. Timmy’s energy and crowd engagement stayed consistent throughout the show, with no signs of slowing down. One minute he’s doing high knees across the platform, and the next, he’s lying on his back, kicking his legs around while being engulfed in smoke.

Steve Aoki immediately filled the room with an erupting euphoria paired with his dazzling lighting display and captivating visuals. By observing his behavior towards the crowd, I gathered that he treats his live shows like a marathon rather than a sprint. He progressively became more engaging with the crowd after setting the tone early on by letting off track after track, mostly without verbal communication. The use of cryoFX and confetti cannons were most active towards the second half of the set because the opening section was primarily focused on building up energy purely based on the music.

Halfway through the set, his stage crew started to line up about ten yellow and pink frosted cakes behind the booth. It was interesting to observe the crowd’s mannerisms toward the desired dessert, especially those directly behind the barricade. There were many signs and t-shirts displaying clear instructions to direct the cake into their face. I found it ironic that the fans wait eagerly all show to see them; meanwhile, they are on the stage for most of the show. I was able to see this process because I was standing on the side stage balcony above him.

After the gig, I couldn’t help but think about a memorable moment during one of my personal favorites, “Popcorn.” I don’t know if this was actually a part of the show or if it was just a placebo effect, but the smell of freshly popped buttery corn kernels subtly drifted through the venue.

Following the release of HiROQUEST: Genesis, Steve Aoki was picked by Japanese entrepreneur and space enthusiast, Yusaku Maezawa, to participate in the first civilian exploration of the Moon, referred to as the “dearMoon Project.” With takeoff planned for later this year, Aoki and ten others will fly in a spacecraft developed by Elon Musk’s SpaceX for a week-long journey through the cosmos.