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Rivers of Nihil (w/ Alterbeast, Inferi, Reaping Asmodeia) @ Miramar Theater (Milwaukee, WI) on July 15, 2018 [Photos & Show Review]

To celebrate all their new albums, Rivers of Nihil, Alterbeast and Inferi launched a nationwide tour to kick start things. We caught the madness and it was awesome!



To celebrate all their new albums, River of Nihil, Alterbeastand Inferi launched a nationwide tour to kick start things. Now I am not very familiar with much death metal, however, I know and like Alterbeast. So, my expectations of this tour were nonexistent. Figured I’d go and maybe this old dog could learn something a bit new. Most of the time, I am too cranky and crotchety to deal with an all-ages show. However, all-ages shows are a much-needed thing in our metal world as they help introduce young people to the music, hopefully creating a new generation of metal fans.

Rivers of Nihil’s new album Where Owls Know My Name is simply killer. The speed these guys play at is incredible. The new album is the third in the season rotation, representing Fall and the rebirth of the band style-wise. It definitely surpasses their first 2 offerings in technical prowess. Alterbeast’s Feast is the second instalment for the California band, with a new vocalist. Some fans may not dig the new style but his voice fits quite well. He also is easily understood, which I thought good and amusing for a death metal group. I would just warn Alterbeast as they grow to stay away from regurgitation of the evil, satanic theme. It’s been done till there is no life left in the corpse.

Rivers of Nihil are simply look for “A Home” to call their own.

Inferi’s Revenant was surprising to me, on the technical level, not being familiar with them. It seems this is their style, blending melodic metal with strong supporting and technically grounded instrumental. Their energy takes you high then knocks you to the floor. The rhythms were simply put – awesome.

Supporting these 3 on the Milwaukee leg were Reaping Asmodeia (Minneapolis), what I would consider extreme thrash. Very growly vocals and speed drums; H1Z1, a dose of Milwaukee metal that does a mix of speed and groove (love the lead singer’s vocals) and Paramorpheus (Green Bay) – classified as progressive death metal which I found an interesting label. So, think Yes on amphetamines. Funk meets speed. Watch for these up-and-comers!

The shredding at this show was just incredible. High energy, killer death metal has made me a new fan of this genre, especially if coupled with technical precision these bands showed on stage. If this tour keeps going at this high energetic pace, the new albums will hit the stratosphere for all 3 bands and make new fans in the local metal scenes of all their supporting acts.

Rivers of Nihil’s Setlist:

01. The Silent Life
02. Mechanical Trees
03. Monarchy
04. Death Is Real
05. A Home
06. Terrestria I: Thaw
07. Rain Eater
08. Old Nothing
09. Perpetual Growth Machine
10. Soil & Seed
11. Where Owls Know My Name
12. Sand Baptism

Review by: The Metal Mistress: Simone.