In eight days, the metal masses swarm down on Catton Hall in Derbyshire for the annual Bloodstock Open Air weekend. It’s hard to pick just a few moments out of what will be an amazing weekend headlined by Judas Priest, Gojira and Nightwish so here’s just 6(66) of the things we’re looking forward to next weekend.

1. Hawaiian Smashed Face!
Reading internet webchat, it would seem that fans are planning to rock out in Hawaiian shirts to Buffalo veterans Cannibal Corpse big hit “Hammer Smashed Face”. Forget the “Jesus Is A Cunt” shirts, this could be one of the most colourful sights ever to be seen at Bloodstock!

Can you rock it in a Hawaiian Shirt like Jim Carey can?

2. Mr. Big Wanting To Be With You Bloodstock!
More than the odd eyebrow was raised when US hard rockers Mr.Big were added to the Bloodstock bill so sitting them between At The Gates, DevilDriver and Jasta could be one of the bravest things Bloodstock organisers have ever done. However, when Paul Gilbert breaks out a fucking drill for his guitar solo, it’s hard to think of a more metal thing!

Check out Paul Gilbert playing a guitar solo using a drill!:

3. Finding your new favourite band
If you fancy taking a chance on some new talent, the New Blood stage should be the place to head. Featuring the cream of the underground metal scene, for some of the bands this could be a springboard to bigger things and with names like Seven Hells, Imminent Annihilation, Psychotype and King Bison, could your new favourite band be right here?

Check out Imminent Annihilation’s Lyric Video for “Human Culling Farm”

4. Watain unleashing their fiery hell at Catton Hall
Bloodstock regulars will be familiar with the sight of Jesus wandering around the site brandishing his bible. However, one place he’d best steer clear of is the Sophie Lancaster Stage when Swedish black metal titans Watain unleash unholy hell down on Bloodstock. Unless he wants proof that the devil has all the best tunes that is?

Check out Watain performing “Unholy Alchemy” at Graspop Festival recently

5. This Guy!
Come wind, rain or scorching sun, this guy is a familiar face to the Bloodstock massive. From brandishing a sword in the middle of a circle pit, to eating crisps watching Whitechapel, the immaculate corpse paint makes this guy one of the most recognisable sights at Bloodstock.

6. Finally.. Judas fkin’ Priest headline Bloodstock
Brummie heavy metal legends Judas Priest have to be the one heavy metal band that Bloodstock punters have been crying out for and, on Friday night, Rob Halford and his heavy metal outlaws will finally give the Bloodstock faithful what they want. Hardened festival goers will be able to reel off a list of their most memorable festival moments, the arrival of Judas Priest to Bloodstock 2018 should be up there at the top.

Brummie metal legends Judas Priest Promise “No Surrender” at Bloodstock

Bloodstock will take place at Catton Park, Derbyshire on 9th-12th August 2018 with Nightwish, Gojira and Judas Priest confirmed as headliners. Get further information over at


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