Being Saint Louis locals, we were excited to be reviewing a show in our hometown. Even more so when we discovered it was at our home bar (and goth haunt), The Crack Fox. Before we get to the bands, let me tell you if you are in StL and love metal, goth-industrial, New (Old) Wave, punk, etc. then a Crack Fox visit is a must. Carrie Harris, the owner goes out of her way to support local artists and performers. Her eye is not on the dollar but on the community (but make sure you eat or drink to support her efforts!).

Fangs was a bit misleading with their name, to me and my roots. With that moniker I was expecting (of course) a goth or industrial band! However, they state on their Facebook page, they are a “lyrically driven indie band”. They certainly lived up to the description! Nathan Pozer is the driving force behind the lyrics with gritty numbers such as “Goon” and “Oh My God”. Good energy and strong vocals made them a pleasure to watch.

With their new video, Divided Heaven head “Home for the Summer”.

I am always amazed at the names of bands, and intrigued by how they decide on theirs. Nail Shop Drama is probably one of the most interesting names I have heard in awhile. I would not consider “Nail Shop Drama” a group as much as I would performance art. This duet harkens back to one of my favorites in the ‘80s – Nina Hagen. Very esoteric and ethereal!

The headliner, Divided Heaven, delivered a kick-ass performance. I’d call them a real “working man’s band” giving the audience some punk-influenced, straight-forward rock and roll. Even after a van meltdown on way to St. Louis from Chicago, these guys didn’t shortchange us. Lead vocalist Jeff Berman has such a distinct voice you can’t not listen. “1983” was one of my favorites. Pick up the new CD Cold War and enjoy!

The sets were very short; 45 minutes. However all 3 bands put their all into these minutes.

Review by: The Metal Mistress: Simone.