John Kay formed Steppenwolf back in 1967, and after more than 50 years and 25 million records sold, he released a massive, 3-disc, career-spanning retrospective that truly covers the band’s staggering discography. Not many groups last 50 years, let alone can boast this kind of track record, but John Kay and Steppenwolf have defied the odds, survived five decades in a brutal music business, and show no signs of letting up. With 41 songs, plus five rare or never-heard tunes, this one is a fan’s wet dream, not to mention an excellent entry point for rock novices to jump in and learn about these iconic rockers.

I’m sure most of you reading this have heard the instantly-recognizable single “Magic Carpet Ride” but the version included on this package, performed with Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five, is a very different-yet-cool twist on the original and definitely worth checking out. The remainder of the first two discs is loaded with timeless rock classics like “Born to Be Wild”, “Rock Me”, and rarities such as “Compared to What” and “From Here to There Eventually (alternate version)”.

Disc 3 is a well-captured live recording that sees the band in what many feel is their best setting; on-stage. Having had the opportunity to see these gents numerous times over the years, I can assure you that this is an accurate reproduction of their live set. There is not much else to say about this release other than it’s a perfect, career-long snapshot of this highly influential band.

Check a live video for the group’s hit single “Born To Be Wild” below.

Steppenwolf at 50 Track Listing:
Disc 01:
01. Screaming Night Hog
02. From Here To There Eventually (alternate version) *
03. Angel Drawers *
04. For Ladies Only
05. You Win Again
06. My Sportin’ Life
07. Drift Away
08. Straight Shootin’ Woman
09. Caroline (Are You Ready For The Outlaw World)
10. Skullduggery
11. Hold Your Head Up
12. Hot Night In A Cold Town
13. Give Me News I Can Use
14. Ain’t Nothin’ Like It Used To Be
15. Magic Carpet Ride (Performed With Grand Master Flash and The Furious Five)

Disc 02:
01. Hold On (Never Give Up Never Give In)
02. Rock & Roll Rebels
03. Give Me Life
04. Rise & Shine
05. The Wall
06. Rock & Roll War
07. Feed The Fire
08. Rock Steady
09. Down In New Orleans
10. Business Is Business
11. Compared To What *
12. Labor Of Love *
13. For The Women In My Life

Disc 03:
(All Tracks Recorded Live: 1992-1995)
01. Move Over
02. Rock Me
03. I’m Movin’ On
04. Sookie Sookie
05. I’m Your Hootchie Cootchie Man
06. Hey Lawdy Mama
07. Desperation
08. Ride With Me
09. Snowblind Friend
10. Monster/Suicide/America
11. Magic Carpet Ride
12. Born To Be Wild
13. The Pusher

Run Time: 3:06:29
Release Date: March 16, 2018