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Black Light White Light is a Scandinavian-based neo-psychedelic trio of rowdy rockers with roots in both Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmo, Sweden. The band, active now since 2009, issued their latest studio recording, the 11-track Horizons, on March 23rd and while you can fetch yourself a streaming, digital or physical copy from various retrailers, we’ve now teamed with the act to offer a free high-quality MP3 download of their single “King Kong”.

Featuring a new roster of touring musicians, the group is centred around singer, guitarist and founder Martin Ejlertsen who shared some exclusive details on the meaning behind the “King Kong” song:

“The theme to ‘King Kong’ deals with a personal craving for wild passion that hits you so hard, that your life is turned upside down. The constant striving after the ultimate state where lived life and uncontrollable emotions are lifting you up in a new state of mind – like a drug of love. Like something you strive after but really cannot explain. It is beautiful and also terrifying scary. Like a monster. It attracts and repels at one time.”

Ejlertsen further elaborated on the track’s recording:

“This song was the first written for the new album. And one of the hardest songs I’ve done to record. Mainly because it really took some time to figure out the right structure and how to catch the right atmosphere. We did a lot of rebuilding, editing back and forward in the studio with this one, but in the end, it turned out to be one of my absolute top tracks ever recorded. I love it.”

Free download acquired, peep the song’s music video too!

Oh, and check out the video for the band’s popular single “One Fast Move Or I’m Gone”.


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