Friends, it’s once again that glorious time of week when work has finally ended and the weekend is upon us. That amazing moment when freedom begins and worries are cast aside in exchange for a reckless, nearly two-and-a-half days before we rewind the grind. Today, as you leave your cubicles and, for some, stagnant, soul-sucking corporate environments, we’ll help you light a fire that should propel you to Monday.

All you have to do is head below, hit play, and be ushered away into a world of booze, benedict, and bed. This is Brooklyn, NY’s Broncos and their new single “MOAB” is some brazen ‘90s-influenced rock. The song, which the trio call “a full-throttle protest of America’s bloodlust,” is taken from the new album Revenge, which dropped today, May 5th, and can be found via Bandcamp here.

According to the guys, this track “…was written shortly after the United States dropped the largest conventional bomb (the Massive Ordnance Air Blast) in Afghanistan last July. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!


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