As a thank you to fans for the warm reception they received after their return earlier this year, Manchester’s The Maple State have treated their fans with a new EP The Motorbike and The Closest of Calls. The EP contains several unreleased tracks compiled over the last few years. Check it out below! About four years ago, the band’s lead singer Greg Counsell was walking to work when he was hit by a motorcycle. Counsell narrowly avoided breaking his neck that day as a result of the rucksack that cushioned his head when he hit the road.

“It was all pretty gruesome and I ended up needing some serious surgery on my leg,” commented Counsell. “I spent the next few weeks in hospital and most of the summer trying to walk again. As with any brush with death it made me reflect on things a little. Soon after, I quit my job and started working towards a career in wildlife conservation, I also started writing songs again; sowing the seeds of what would become The Things I Heard At The Party.”

“This song started out as a poem, I had pages and pages of verses that I just added to each day. I might release a director’s cut at some point with all the cut lines put back in. Richard and I worked on the song for weeks, we were conscious of trying to capture that feeling of the later The Streets albums, where Mike found that perfect balance between poignancy and hope. He always had a clear message, that’s what I was going for here in the chorus, a simple clean line that speaks so much more. I believe this to be the best song we’ve ever written.”