In this modern time of extreme metal, there are so many acts that try too hard to fit into something without being fully honest, and the fans will pick up on it, almost instantly. Consequently, there are multi-instrumentalists or artist duos who can craft an entire big band’s worth of creation almost naturally, sometimes taking it no further than beyond the studio, and have the fans start losing their minds. Ritual Miasma is exactly that kind of special album; black death metal that’s as classic as it is different.

This project is exotic and direct, and is everything is well produced; hardly surprising considering the artists involved. With Tohu diligently handling guitar and bass duties, vocalist Mørk weaves traditional Jewish lore and myths into the lyrics making each song essentially its own ritual. The whirlwind of beats are supplied by the ever-prolific Menthor (of Nightbringer, Necrosadist, Bestia Arcana, etc), who brings the level of game for this EP way up. Is it too much to ask for him to find the time or commit to playing with these guys?

The EP’s run time is fulfilling to the extent of being the first offering from this group (although eager to expand into a touring force as recently expressed by Mørk), but you easily crave way more. For those acts that specifically set out to do more, any full works or albums are heavily scrutinized, just as much as they are anticipated. Count on Ziggurat to be one of those who now have both that subsequent honor and burden ahead. So, here’s hoping again, as was in 2017 from Caligari Records, that we see the end of this year with that accomplishment.

Ritual Miasma Track Listing:

01. Ritual Miasma
02. Summoning The Great Serpent
03. Blind Faith
04. דיבוק
05. Death Rites Transcendence

Run Time: 20:26
Release Date: March 2, 2018

Ready for some tunes? Stream the full EP right here.