Bohnes, the new solo project from Alex DeLeon (The Cab), sees the American musician continue to test the limits of creativity via music and visual content. Whether it’s his My Friends EP, My Friends Remix EP, or acoustic version of the “My Friends” single, Bohnes explores every facet of his own music and layers in imagery via his extensive world travels. That being said, we connected with the artist for this exclusive TOP 10 listicle of places to visit you would have never thought of.

Check out some exclusive black & white images from Bohnes’ world travels.

01. DSCN1185
– Antarctica is one of the most beautiful and pristine places on earth. It is possible to go there with companies such as Antarctica XXI. You won’t see trash, other people, pollution, many buildings… just nature and wildlife. Most untouched place on the planet.

02. IMG_0463
– When a lot of people think of Asia they think of futuristic metropolises or beautiful beaches. However, Asia has so much more to offer. I went to the biggest cave in the world in Vietnam, called Son Doing. It feels like you were transported to the Land of the Lost and like dinosaurs could pop out at any time.

03. IMG_1422
– Do your research. While in Jordan filming a music video… I knew I wanted to go to Petra, one of the seven wonders of there world, but little did I know my favorite part of this country would be the Wadi Rum desert. It looked like Mars. I am so happy I did my research and asked around to the locals what they recommended. The locals always know best!

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04. IMG_2365
– I love finding abandoned places. You can almost feel their past and imagine all of the stories and memories once written in them. Exploring the broken past of cities can give great insight on how the present got to where it is… and to what the future might hold.

05. IMG_2561
– Keep your eyes peeled. Sometimes the spots aren’t highlighted on the map or in travel books. In Iceland I found this incredible waterfall just off the side of the road. It wasn’t on the map but it was as beautiful as any I had seen. I grabbed my skateboard and skated down this hill for hours with a view I’ll never forget.

06. IMG_2913
– I write the best songs on trains. It is my favorite way to travel simply because you are pretty much on ground level. You get to see life being lives around you. Out the window you pass through incredible cities with life, architecture, and scenery. Planes are fast but you’re often too high up to truly be inspired by daily life.

07. IMG_5338
– It isn’t always about the location. Being surrounded by great people and seeing the world with people you love and who share common interests will turn average trips into ones that you’ll never forget.

08. IMG_6906
– Get out of the fancy hotels. Get gritty. Traveling is about the experiences. Wifi and spas should come after the traveling not always during. Don’t be afraid to get dirty.

09. IMG_9263
– Immerse yourself in other cultures. Other religions… and other beliefs, even if they are different than yours. You might learn a thing or two and you will gain empathy. Just because something is different doesn’t mean it is wrong. Empathy is one of the most important things you can feel in life. Gaining empathy for what others believe in… how others live… and what others feel… will help you better understand this crazy yet beautiful world we live in.

10. IMG_ 9534
– Big cities like Dubai are great… but don’t forget explore what’s just past them off in the distance. Traveling is about finding yourself… and that is easiest when you go where no one else is around. It’s okay to feel lonely.

Watch Bohnes’ acoustic music video for the popular single “My Friends”.


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