Liam Gallagher performed at Rebel Nightclub on November 23rd to a totally sold-out crowd who thoroughly enjoyed the show even though it was short and ended abruptly. Why? We’ll never know, but the house lights stayed off as concertgoers waited for Liam to return. When the lights did finally come back on, everyone got the impression that there was supposed to be an encore but, sadly, that was all she wrote.

In fact, it took more time to get out of the parking lot across the street (approx .1 hour ) then how long the show lasted. So, was it worth it? To this fan… it was! Oasis fans got to hear “Rock and Roll”, “Morning Glory”, “Some Might Say”, “Slide Away”, and “Cigarettes and Alcohol”. According to the setlist, Liam was also suppose to play “Live Forever” alas he exited stage left. The rest of his short but solid set list included “Greedy Soul”, “Wall of Glass”, “All I Need”, “Bold”, “For What it’s Worth”, “I Get By”, “Better Run”, and “Be Here Now”.