The initial taps of a high hat in the first moments of opener “Plaster” undercut the monstrous power that is unleashed on the rest of the new EP by Speaker, a Toronto quartet intent on demolishing sonic landscapes with a savagery that is both unbridled and simultaneously nuanced. The level of production and mastery on their new release is alarmingly good, with Scott Middleton of Cancer Bats fame providing their guiding hand on the album’s engineering. Combined with the ferocity of Speaker, it makes for an unrelenting release that will give plenty of reasons for consistent rotation – six tracks’ worth of them.

The recording’s pacing is one death charge into the fray. I couldn’t keep my head from nodding if I tried while listening to this album, it just keeps going and going, from blast beats to grinding breakdowns, the release does many things really well. Not least of which is the vocal delivery, which manages to feel belabored and frayed, while also managing to drive itself underneath the listener’s skin. In particular, I can’t imagine anyone would be safe while the immense breakdown on “Catch 22″‘s crashed: it is a tremendous example of a band that knows how to write captivating parts that are both a pleasure to listen to while also showcasing exactly why metallic hardcore can still be original and fresh.

Overall, this is an EP that begs for constant rotation, and you’d be foolish not to dive right into the chaotic darkness that this release provides. If you are lucky enough to be in the GTA area, definitely keep an eye out for shows by these guys, as they also apparently put on a hell of a live show, as evidenced by their recent spate of live shows with the likes of Kennedy and PUP.

Murder And Create Track Listing:

01. Plaster
02. Bleach
03. Catch 22
04. Conscious Sleep
05. Cocoon
06. Eve

Run Time: 20:48
Release Date: November 10, 2017

Get your appetite for the new EP whet with the video for “Plaster”.