There are many underrated song writers in Canadian rock history, and I’ve always felt Matt Good tops that list. That point is further bolstered with his latest solo effort entitled Something Like A Storm.

This album features an extremely mature overtone and a heavy and steady rhythm. The songwriting has always been great, but this album has a very powerful and thought out sound throughout the record. It’s very original, and it obviously pulls influence from many wells of sound and textures. It’s full of emotional twists and turns, which you can always expect from Good.

Matt Good commented on the album saying: “The theme of the album is one foreboding, of the gathering of socially divisive storm clouds, from the perspective of the personal to wider frames of inclusion. The title comes from a demo originally recorded years ago. Given that it was roughly 20 minutes in length, and comprised of movements, I’d only written the first five lines of lyrics which are now the first lines on the album. Musically, the song on the album doesn’t include anything from the original demo.”

This album is an instant classic and deserves a few good listens, at least. Personally, I enjoyed it thoroughly and will again. On a side note, Matthew Good Band was my first rock concert ever. I saw them play at Mel Lastman square in Toronto. Someone threw a bottle at Good, and he wasn’t too pleased with that. This was when Underdogs was just released. So, take it from a long-time fan, this record has the goods. No pun intended.

Favorite tracks: “Bad Guys Win”, “Bullets in a Briefcase”, “Men at the Door.”

Something Like a Storm Track Listing:

01. Bad Guys Win
02. Decades
03. Men at the Door
04. There The First Time
05. Days Come Down
06. Something Like a Storm
07. She’s Got You Where She Wants You
08. This Is Night
09. Bullets in a Briefcase

Run Time: 41:26
Release Date: October 20, 2017

Check out Matt’s video for the new single “Decades”