This band of Danish miscreants has managed to survive 8 years of existence thus far – even with main-man vocalist Filip Anderson once pondering if the band should continue on a few years ago, what with line-up changes and other obstacles to overcome. With XII released not too long after their vicious full-length Tando Ashanti (April), the cycle of agony continues on much to the approval of many scene pundits. Although this is not a full-length, don’t think that it packs any less a punch; quite the opposite in fact as it serves up a complete feel for being barely over a quarter hour.

From the opening assault of the one-minute lead-off “Derelictus”, no time is wasted in making you miserable and agitated. The lads come hard, brash and dark, mixing elements of all manner black metal, hardcore, death metal and d-beat intensity. Think Cult Leader, Cult Of Occult or Geist as musical kinsmen of sorts, and you should have a pretty good idea.

It’s not all pummelling without reprieve, however, as with the last half of “Nefarious” and for “Sacrificium”; as the EP wastes no time saying what needs to be said. Here’s hoping they continue to build on the perseverance they’ve held onto nobly so far to become leaders in their field in the near future.

XII Track Listing:

01. Derelictus
02. Nefarius
03. Famelicus
04. Miseria
05. Sacrificium

Run Time: 16:02
Release Date: September 27, 2017

Yep, you read the review and now you can stream the whole album.