If you’re not yet quite awake today, hit play. Immediately. Fuck coffee, this song will have you pounding out emails and tearing through boardrooms at warped speed leaving Frank the mail room guy and Becky the receptionist wondering if you’ve gone mental and if they should call security. Fuck Frank and Becky.

The video for the track “Stone Believer” is the latest from the newly-reunited Swedish stoner rock foursome, The Quill and you get to peep it here for the first time ever. Lucky you! With their new 12-track album Born From Fire due out on August 25th via Metalville Records (pre-order here), the band’s original lineup is back with a freaking fury.

The band’s Roger Nilsson hit us up with a comment on the new song/video:

“Ladies and gentlemen – we give you the lead track of our brand new album BORN FROM FIRE. The song is a real bone-crusher titled ‘Stone Believer’. Our drummer Jolle came in with this piece more or less finished just as we were about to enter the first recording-session together in 12 years. We arranged it quickly and decided it had to be recorded straight away to capture the energy and nerve present in the studio. The video is also really straight forward with us recording in the 491-Studio – just trying to capture the four of us being together again creating music. Hope you all dig it!!!”

Born From Fire Track Listing:

01. Stone Believer
02. Snake Charmer Woman
03. Ghosthorse
04. Keep It Together
05. The Spirit and The Spark
06. Skull & Bones
07. Set Free Black Crow
08. Electrical Sons
09. Hollow of Your Hand
10. Unchain Yourself
11. Revelation
12. Metamorphosis


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