– Episode #005 of the Hardcore Henderson Podcast, belongs to the women of rock. The Big Dog, Benny Henderson Jr., smacks your ear holes with nothing but female-fronted bands. In this program you will also hear music from the Los Angeles-based rock band, Wildeyes, as well as an interview with lead vocalist, Crystal Douesnard.

Crystal will touch on various topics including her musical influences, the band’s style and more. She also sits in with Benny as he showcases another segment of WTF News, which includes five hundred pound naked men, the Westboro Baptist Church, masturbating librarians, and hooker athletes. Benny also gets a little crazy with his rant on reality stars, what people consider as being a celebrity, and the decline of society due to social media.

01. In This Moment – “Sick Like Me”
02. Halestorm – “I Miss the Misery”
03. Doll Skin – “Shut Up”
04. Blameshift – “Monster”
05. Wildeyes – “Wild Eyes”