If you’re after something dark and unnervingly evil, then Crawl’s latest offering, This Sad Cadav’r, could be for you. This slow, disturbing album of three tracks may leave an impression, but for most, it won’t be the impression the band was hoping for.

The three tracks have been simply titled “I”, “II” and “III” and across all three you will hear a lot of fuzzy Sunn O))) style riffs. Crawl play what I’d describe as dark, experimental, drone style doom with a little bit of black metal thrown in for good measure. The issue is, it’s sound is one of a crawl through treacle. You’ll be waiting for the thing to end if you’re not a mega fan of the drone sound.

Simply put, Crawl’s latest is experimental, but uninteresting. There are some cooler moments, like the faster riff at the start of “II” and the spoken word opening of “III”, but these are few and far between. This Sad Cadav’r is dull and getting through the record will feel like a crawl to many. For fans of the experimental and noise metal, however, there might just be something here for you to enjoy.

This Sad Cadav’r Track Listing:

01. I
02. II
03. III

Run Time: 30:51
Release Date: September 1, 2017

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