American metallers Korn along with openers Stone Sour turned an extraordinary night of “kick-ass metal” into an entirely new dimension of “blow your fucking ear drums out”, during their recent stop at Budweiser Stage in Toronto on the “Serenity of Summer Tour”.

Stone Sour (featuring Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor) hit the stage first and the mayhem began in an instant. Starting off the set with a giant bazooka blast, showering the audience in glittery confetti, Taylor sprayed the crowd with water while noting that he had hurt his knee earlier, but that nothing would stop him from playing. “I’d come out with a fucking cane if I had to,” he noted. Which, of course, made the crowd go wild.

Even that wasn’t enough, during the set bassist Johny Chow even proposed to his girlfriend on-stage… who by the way said yes.

By the time Korn took the stage, the crowd of exuberant metalheads went ballistic. Holy shit were these guys LOUD!!! Korn has found a way to defy the laws of subsonic sound. A really cool part of the show was when singer Jonathan Davis came out with his trademark bagpipes. From the amount of people being tackled by security, taken away by police, and passed out in various flower beds, you would think it was a full moon… nah… just a Tuesday night of metal in Toronto.