Toronto got a treat last Saturday night with an epic performance by Oregon rockers Black ‘N Blue. It’s difficult to fathom, but this was their first-ever concert in Canada.

Black N Blue, who have been around since the ’80s, absolutely assaulted our senses with light and sound. Wailing guitar solos, a drum beat and bass line that tickled your rib cage, and so many hard rocking fans that The Rockpile formed it’s own mini tropical climate inside.

At one point during their show, guitarist Bob Capka even made a remark to singer Jaime St. James, that these guys (meaning us) kick ass!!! Welcome to Toronto! I really hope it doesn’t take another 30 years until Black ‘N Blue make it back.

Black ‘N Blue Setlist:

01. Get Wise to the Rise
02. Chains Around Heaven
03. Does She or Doesn’t She
04. Nasty Nasty
05. I Want It All, I Want It Now
06. Target
07. Miss Mystery
08. Without Love
09. Autoblast
10. Live It Up
11. Kiss of Death
12. Wicked Bitch
13. School of Hard Knocks
14. Hold on to 18
15. I’m the King