Death From Above, the acclaimed Toronto punk rock duo, finally returns with their first new single since 2014’s “The Physical World”. Fans of their previous work will find much to enjoy in “Freeze Me”, although some may also question why they’ve chosen to follow a more poppy route for the song.

The single opens with a series of sharp piano notes–a surprisingly soft opening for the band–which are then mimicked by the drums and guitar. The half-rhymes in the first verse feel a bit clichéd (“Tell me what you think are we in trouble? / Feelin’ sorry’s never really been my struggle”) but overall, the continual, catchy beat maintained throughout the song kept it from falling into mediocrity.

Ultimately, the single provides a solid teaser for the album to follow (hopefully soon!) but isn’t a standalone success.

Run Time: 3:19
Release Date: June 9, 2017

Check out the band’s new song “Freeze Me”