The Belgian five-piece hardcore band Moments released their latest EP on May 21, 2017. Titled Outlast, and available to purchase RIGHT HERE, the 5-track album is brimming with melodic heaviness that begs to be played both loudly and often. Head below for a solid sample of their tunes via the video for latest single “House Of Habits”, and be sure to visit their hometown and check out this TOP 10 list of local hardcore hangouts!

10. Skatepark Kapermolen (Hasselt)
– The heavier music genres and skateboarding often go hand in hand, everyone in the scene knows this. The biggest open air skate park of the Benelux and one of the biggest in Europe is based in Hasselt, Belgium. We highly recommend this spot to everyone who is into skating!

09. Muziekodroom (Hasselt)
– For 20 years, this musical beehive stands for terrific musical schooling and concerts. Young and refreshing bands often get a chance to play here and it is the perfect location to set up a decent hardcore show. We recently played it as the support for Stick To Your Guns. A great venue, superb organisation and a crazy audience made sure we will never forget that evening.

08. Pukkelpop (Hasselt)
– A well-known Belgian festival. Its line-up always has a ton of variety. It has 10+ stages covering all kinds of music and they always book some heavy bands. It is a yearly tradition for us to go there, it is definitely on our “to play” list!

07. Graspop Metal Meeting (Dessel)
– One of the biggest metal festivals in the world. The biggest bands have played this festival and it keeps growing. Besides the metal genre, there is always a good amount of hardcore and metalcore bands that play this festival. Highly recommended!

06. Bruno’s Food Corner (Limburg-area)
– This is probably a strange one for most, but for us, a certainty. This is one of the first stops on every trip. It is a place that sells a lot of drinks and snacks, one that is open day and night. If you are in Limburg-area of Belgium, make sure to visit one!

05. Benjamin’s place (Ham)
– 99% of the Moments-meetings happen here. It is the home of our drummer Benjamin and it’s where we store all our gear and used to rehearse. Before and after each show, this is where we hang out. It also has a pool and pools are awesome!

04. Rehearsal-room (Ham/Tessenderlo)
– Since the beginning of Moments, countless of hours have been spent rehearsing. According to our friends, family and especially girlfriends, in busy times we spend too much time here. This may be true but you know the saying, practice makes perfect. And that is exactly what we aim for. And of course, it’s a place where we can talk, discuss things and have a beer.

03. “De blauwe brug” (or The Blue Bridge, Ham)
– This has a special meaning for us. A few years ago, one of our biggest fans and Dries’ cousin lost his life here coming from a Moments show. Words come short to express our sadness, the song “Brothers” (of Hopes & Dreams) is a tribute to him. He was a wonderful person and this location will always have a special place in our hearts.

02. JH Tessloo (Tessenderlo)
– The place where it basically all began. It is our local bar where we’ve spend a lot of time. While not being the biggest venue, it is one that knows to organise good shows. A small room, packed with a crazy crowd, that is what it’s all about. We cannot express enough how important this one has been for us. We are so excited every time we get to play this one!

01. Groezrock (Meerhout)
– This is, without a single doubt, our number one spot to hang out. It is a festival that is basically in our backyard and has is it all: great music, lots of friends and Jägermeister. Groezrock is one of the biggest supporters of the hardcore and metal genre and every year gives chances to small bands as well as boasting some of the bigger names. For Moments, it has always been a dream to play this festival. Mission accomplished! We played the smaller Macbeth-stage 3 years ago and this year they asked us to open the Back-to-basics stage. It was completely packed and one the best shows we’ve ever played. Nothing but love for this festival. Highly recommended for everyone that likes our kind of music!

Check out the band’s song “House of Habits”

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