Originally formed as a solo acoustic project, Westing have expanded their sound and added a few band members along the way, finding their stride on their latest release, I Haven’t Been Feeling Myself. Westing founder Matt Mascarenas explains, “After several solo shows, I quickly realized playing quiet acoustic songs by myself is not what I want to do. I need to be loud.” Well, he got that right, and loud is exactly what you get on Westing’s latest release.

I Haven’t Been Feeling Myself kicks off with “Skipping Beats,” a four-minute anthem in which Mascarenas emphatically declares, ”…no one’s listening” amid wailing, distorted guitar and boisterous drums. This track drives right into “With You,” a slightly-quieter, romantic aside that showcases both tenacity and tenderness. I literally have not stopped listening to “With You” since hearing this album. It’s an exceptionally catchy song, and lyrically superb to boot — the kind of song that could easily score Westing substantial airtime on indie and alt-rock channels in the future.

After “With You,” “Burn” successfully brings the tempo back up and is followed by another standout track, “Hide Your Heart.” “Hide Your Heart” is yet ANOTHER song I couldn’t get out of my head after hearing I Haven’t Been Feeling Myself. The EP closes with “Keep Fighting,” a monstrous ending that reminded me of Moneen’s The Red Tree (believe me, that’s definitely a compliment—I love that album).

Make no mistake, this album tells a story that is both beautiful and heartbreaking. I honestly think I Haven’t Been Feeling Myself could be huge for Westing. From start to finish, it’s raw, honest, intense, and insanely appealing. I’ve been jamming this album for a while now and I’m confident anyone who gives I Haven’t Been Feeling Myself a chance will dig this EP. My only complaint is that it’s only five songs! Here’s to hoping for big things for Westing with this phenomenal album, and maybe a full-length soon?! A kid can dream…

I Haven’t Been Feeling Myself [EP] Track Listing:

01. Skipping Beats
02. With You
03. Burn
04. Hide Your Heart
05. Keep Fighting

Run Time: 20:39
Release Date: April 14, 2017

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