I arrived early at Rescue Rooms and the merch stand was already set up on the balcony, crammed full of t-shirts, vinyl and more for the sold-out show. There has been a lot of talk about this tour all across social media, with some fans attending 2 or 3 shows on this UK run. Although the gig was sold-out, as Monster Truck attracts an, on average, older audience, there was no pushing, no surge to the front, that can sometimes happen at this venue.

The Picturebooks are supporting Monster Truck on this ‘Tourin’ Heavy’ UK/EU tour, and they hit the stage with the ethos of convincing the crowd it was worth arriving early to see them. For a band of two, they fill the venue with an awesome sound, which I can only describe as authentic, honest blues-rock. Singer Fynn makes a great connection with the audience, with candid conversation between songs that will endear any audience to their music. Stand out songs from their set were “Cactus” and “Zero Fucks Given”, both from their newly released album Home Is A Heartache, for their unusual vocals and the nuanced percussive power by drummer Philipp.

Monster Truck roared onto the stage and opened with “Why Are You Not Rocking?” and “Old Train”. Monster Truck have so much character and charisma, they have created a spirit that surrounds the band and its fans, embodied by their tagline ‘Don’t Fuck With The Truck’. “Don’t Tell Me How To Live” received one of the best reactions of the night, with front-row fans almost bursting over the barrier, they were so pumped by the music.

Guitarist Jeremy prowled the stage the whole night like an animal possessed, at times playing on his knees and at other points bouncing from the drum riser. From the balcony, fans were using the space to dance – Jeremy even paused between songs to say the band ‘hadn’t expected such a party,’ which made me wonder what they do expect from a sold-out show! If anything, frontman Jon seemed a little subdued despite his fantastic vocal performance, but this may in comparison to Jeremy’s energetic persona. The Picturebooks made a point of saying that Monster Truck are gracious hosts, and the band certainly seemed to live in the moment for their music and their fans.

Check out the song “For The People”