New grunge-soul rockers Tooth And Nail has released their debut single “Cryin’ For You”. The track showcases the band’s style, as it mixes soulful vocals, classic rock hooks and a heavy closing minute reminiscent of Black Sabbath.

The duo formed in late 2016 when singer and guitarist Daniel Pearson joined with drummer Mike Neilson. The band has three single releases set up for the year, with “Cryin’ For You” being the first of these.

Pearson commented on the track: “It’s one of life’s truths that love hurts, and that’s what ‘Cryin’ For You’ is all about. I love a lot of old blues & soul records when you can really hear the pain and experience in the voices, and that’s what we were aiming for here – as well as laying down some big riffs and grungy fuzz. That’s pretty much the mission statement of Tooth & Nail – soul songs played loud and heavy.”