This seems to be Havok’s moment-of-truth, and the timing couldn’t be better for them. The Denver crew have put their time and road work in to get here, but quite the collection of superb thrash metal on display here. I don’t think so many eyes have been on them this much since Time Is Up, but thankfully it seems Conformicide can field every call and curveball. As far as thrash albums go, this looks like a total winner from all angles.

With Nick Schendzielos within the ranks this time on bass (also of Cephalic Carnage and Job For A Cowboy), things are noticeably kicked up a notch. Tracks such as “F.P.C.” and “INGSOC” are sharp and on point, without sacrificing the energy and excitement that Havok naturally exudes. “Peace is in Pieces” is a mean chop-fest of a song, with one of many blazing solos brought by Reese Scruggs. His axework on the album is nothing short of brilliant; this is one serious fretboard athlete to keep an eye on; “Wake Up” being my fave pick of the runs thus far.

The complexity within takes a few listens to slowly reveal strength after strength. One can say that this album easily finds itself among the best offerings of the modern age thrash set. If the current dystopian atmosphere isn’t covered here, then it ain’t happening! More importantly, however, is to note that the intricacies and power of this work, nay… genre, can contest any digs, and weather the ages with frightening honesty and energy. Not just a great album; this is the kind of tingle reserved for impending success. All in all, one future classic right here.

Conformicide Track Listing:

01. F.P.C.
02. Hang ’em High
03. No Conscience
04. Intention to Deceive
06. Master Plan
07. Peace is in Pieces
08. Claiming Certainty
09. Wake Up
10. Circling the Drain

Running time: 57:55
Release date: March 10, 2017

Check out the track “Intention To Deceive”