If there was ever a band that has long awaited to get their just due, it would have to be Evocation. The Borås natives came back after a lengthy hiatus back in 2007, with their very long-awaited debut Tales from the Tomb ready, it seemed, to claim and conquer all. Losing the Kenttåkumpu brothers in 2013 certainly didn’t help. Thankfully founding members Marco (guitar) and Thomas (vocals) persevered to continue, and as a result of almost two years of crafting, Evocation have delivered a killer release.

To those uninitiated, take the early essence of classic Entombed and Bolt Thrower, with a dash of Asphyx and maybe even Grave for good measure. Also continuing is their meticulous attention to recording, of which here sounds damn near pristine; highlighting changes and atmosphere that swirl throughout it. While the addition of new axeman Simon Exner has brought the band’s death metal style to a modern day sound, Per Møller Jensen (ex-The Haunted) fulfilling the drum duties for the recordings certainly helped punctuate crushers like “Children of Stone”, “Imperium Fall” and “The Coroner”. Did I mention the production makes listening to this a pleasure?

Even fitting that former guitarist Vesa graces the short but scorching “Survival of the Sickest” with a guest solo, seeming as a passing of the torch to the group’s new evolved incarnation. “Dark Day Sunrise” serves as a satisfying close, recalling Evocation’s signature melancholic flair. After barely even 40 minutes, there is nothing left but exhausted satisfaction. In a time where many extreme legacy bands are finally starting to see their due, this band should be at the front of the line about now. With longtime allies Cyclone Empire paired now with Metal Blade to push them, may the name Evocation be raised to the status of originators alongside their contemporaries.

The Shadow Archetype Track Listing:

01. Into Ruins
02. Condemned to the Grave
03. Modus Operandi
04. Children of Stone
05. The Shadow Archetype
06. Blind Obedience
07. Survival of the Sickest
08. The Coroner
09. Sulphur and Blood
10. Imperium Fall
11. Dark Day Sunrise

Running time: 38:02
Release Date: March 10, 2017

Check out the track “Children Of Stone”